tisdag 2 augusti 2011

This is one of those beauty blogs

...and from today I´m one of those beauty bloggers-but why?

I´ve always been interested in beauty in all of its various forms,have with age aquired heaps of cosmetics and wants to share my taste in a searchable blog of my own instead of hanging around in my favorite bloggers comment fields!

I´m a soon to be 35 year old,swedish woman who lives in Uppsala,Sweden.
Skin tone is NC15 in the MAC system,dark brownish hair with about 10% gray,eyes are green/brown and eyebrows...well;I´m of mixed swedish/mediterranean heritage-thank you for the "Bert in Sesame Street"-brows dad!

This is *not* intended to be a blog about my personal life;but my other passions including music,movies,books,dance(I´m an oriental dance teacher)comics etc will probably sneak in here...

You might ask why I write in english,it´s because anyone who searches for info on a product or a procedure will find this blog immensely more helpful if I write these in bad "swenglish"instead of swedish*wide smile*

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  1. Kommer garanterat få nöje av dina kafferaster. Hoppas du har många! :) Kram / Alva