fredag 5 augusti 2011

How To Avoid Drug Allegations:High Definition Powder Explained

Have YOU been tagged in pictures that made your workmates hum on this behind your back after the weekend?

Have you seen pictures of celebrities that looks like their makeup artist hates them?

It´s often called High Definition Powder.

These are based on silica powder,and they are popular when filming in HD.
But DO NOT ever use them when you(or client) are about to be photographed!

These silica powders looks natural in daylight(applied thinly) and on film,but on photos with flash they will give a much unwanted "cokerface" effect if not applied extremely thin AND checked with a flash camera.

If you are a makeup artist,consider using it on yourself for your everyday makeup,and ditch it from your client kit(if you want to be hired again,that is)

Goss explains this very throughly and demonstrates if your loose powder has a name that includes "high def" like "E.L.F HD Studio High Definition Powder" or "Makeup Forever Microfinish HD Powder"-BEWARE.

Now you know what some recently unemployed Hollywood makeup artists didn´t...
If you still feel brave,my own favorite is the Coastal Scents  Silica Spheres.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Poor artist, I would be a little mad. It looks like they dipped there faces in to cocaine...

  2. I actually tried out the experiment Goss made and brushed my E.L.F. powder lightly on...looked totally normal in daylight but on flash photos I looked like Scarface(frankly it was too terrifying to post them here!)