fredag 5 augusti 2011

Battle of the Brows 1

I´ve bought and tested tweezers a LOT of tweezers in my 20+ years of plucking.
Instead of going through which ones were OK or just a waste of money I rather present my top three.

Ever so often I try a new brand or style just to see if tweezers haven´t become better since I´ve bought my Laura Mercier Ergonomic tweezer(made by Tweezerman)from the lovely Christian of Cow in 1999....
But alas,no!It´s the best one,period.  Buy it here:

From left:Laura Mercier Ergonomic Tweezer,Tweezerman´s Wide Grip Tweezer in Red.Model clearly has gone a bit crazy with plucking,so a BrowHab entry is soon to come...

Tweezerman Slanted Tip Stainless and their own ergonomic tweezer also get thumbs up from me,as well as Japonesque´s Artisan tweezer and some of the Mehaz&Regine models-
but ALL other tweezers I´ve tried has been degraded to applying false lashes...I´m looking at YOU,Vitry!

For parents:These take out splinters very easy from the chubby and grubby hands of small,unwilling children:)

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