fredag 5 augusti 2011

My Beauty Guru: Paula Begoun

I discovered Paula through the Makeupalley boards,and were intrigued by her ideas,strong opinions and tireless work in the beauty industry.
As an old nail tech/makeup artist who hated the idea of being tied to a brand I identified strongly with her philosophy,and she has my respect for starting the only cosmetic company who recommend other brands products.
I think she got her nickname  "Cosmetic Cop"after publishing her book "Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal"?*laughs*...although I don´t share *all* her ideas about what is flattering in makeup looks,her info on skin products has never once failed me.

Paula is all about what works and what is a waste of money,and she bases her recommendations on: "published scientific studies and countless interviews with cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, oncologists, toxicologists, regulatory experts, raw material suppliers, and numerous industry insiders" instead of some bogus.
Yes,I´ve seen the light*looks manic* and as long as all my skin problems are gone I´m a happy fangirl of Paula!

Her methods and product recommendations turned my skin completely around to being compliment worthy after having skin troubles like acne,eczema and keratosis pilaris (here´s Paula and Bryans latest acne focus)that were persistent even after cortisone,antibiotics and three rounds of Accutane(Roaccutan)
Let me show you how my skin looks now(I´m 32yrs old here)

Wearing PC Soft Cream Concealer in Soft Ivory under eyes/around nose,Milani Loose Powder in Translucent all over face,Benefit´s "Thrrrob"blusher,Nyx Taupe as bronzer/face sculpter,Etude House´s Face Designing Brightener as highlighter.Eyes:PC "Beautiful Basics" as browcolor ,eyeshadow and liner plus 2 pairs of Ardell "Demi Wispies"(no mascara)applied with Duo lash glue.Lips:NYX liner in Light Pink,Mega Gloss in Beige
(click on foundation,no photoshopping-THANK YOU PAULA!)

I´ve seen her methods and recommendations do absolute miracles with skin problems like uneven tone,redness,pigment spots,roughness,acne,rosacea,wrinkles on myself,friends and family.

Do you want to see pictures of results that include the "before"?
Here´s Michelle´s before and after pictures
(When my own skin was at its worst I never ventured out the door without thick layers of makeup like Joe Blasco´s Red Neutralizer with a 2 inches of MAC´s Studio Fix on I don´t have any pictures like these to show you)Thank you Michelle for sharing:)

Her books used to be an absolute MUST for any beauty nerd,but with the newly launched Beautypedia much important information(like lists of known irritants,correct ph levels for AHA&BHA and product reviews) is now  free of charge!I´m still keeping my beloved books "Don´t Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me"and "The Beauty Bible"though:)  Also sneaking their way into picture:oriental dance props Isis wings in fuchsia and A´Kai Ombre veil in silk by Jessenia.
Here´s the totally free where you can search for the best products,save them in your favorites and learn about everything skincare and makeup.

On the Facebook page you´ll be updated about news,and see what the upcoming episodes of her radio show will feature.
My Thursday evenings are sacred,but I can´t drink or eat anything while listening ´cause Paula´s rants always make me laugh so much!

Paulas european webshop where you can buy samples of her products before commiting to full size.
My own favorite products are the 8% AHA,the 2% liquid BHA,,Hydralight Cleanser(great value!)and the (now discontinued,sadly) color makeup line.
I already have almost problem free skin but it got even better with the Resist line.
The "Daily" and "Weekly"exfoliants are really good(start out carefully with the daily first)
....not to mention that she has saved me SO MUCH of money over the years!

Hats off to Paula Begoun,Bryan Barron and the team for all their work!

DISCLAIMER:I am not sponsored by Paula Begoun or Paula´s Choice although I secretly want her and Bryan Barron to adopt me.

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  1. Your skin look amazing and I can't belive that you are 34...I thought you where my age or younger.....

  2. *cheers*
    Awww-thank you,thank you<3

    For me it´s a miracle to be able to go out without thick layers of makeup now...aaaand *whispers* I´m also a one-pack-a-day-smoker.

    After I discovered her "no irritation"-tips I got rid of my eczemas;it turned out I was only sensitive to linalool&limonene+lavender oil.Sad since I love the concept of organic/vegan/"natural"skincare(and my Scratch Nail Food):/